Green and Healthy

We are constantly trying to reduce our footprint on the earth. Whenever possible materials are recycled or reused instead of hauling them to landfills. As an example, we’ve torn down, rebuilt or repaired over 80 decks in the last couple of summers and not one piece of wood was taken to a landfill.

We found a company that could use the wood to build Adirondack chairs so they were able to use the wood for that purpose.

We also represent Shaklee a company that has been green since it was founded over 50 years ago and is the first company in the world to beClimate Neutral certified. It was years ahead of its time and is still on the cutting edge of science and technology. Their products are all clinically tested and they conduct over 80,000 quality tests a year to guaranteed purity and safety of every product. They have spent over $250 million in clinical testing, research, and development.

Shaklee is a company with integrity so you can believe what they say about every product. You see proof in the 54 gold medals won by Shaklee powered world-class athletes. NASA even came to Shaklee to develop a product for astronauts returning from space.

Cleaning products are not only bio-degradable but they work and can save you money. One bottle of Basic H is equivalent to over 3,000 bottles of window cleaner. That also keeps over 3,000 bottles out of landfills. Check them out at www.shaklee.net/tolivewell

Product categories include nutrition, weight management, personal care, beauty, air purification, home care, and best water. Vivix is a new product that you simply have to see and try.

Cleaning Products – buy the Get Clean starter kit for $149.60 and get the equivalent of $3,400.00 of conventional cleaning products.

Weight Management Products – Lose fat not muscle. This leucine-enhanced nutrition program helps you break the diet cycle so you keep the muscle you have, burn the fat you don’t need, and lose inches you don’t want.